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About Me


About Me

I have been a psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, supervisor, teacher and trainer for more than 2 decades.


I am a professor of Psychiatry and have been doing my clinics for more than 2 decades now. I believe in differentiating disorders from issues and thus, use very minimal medicines. I also use a 3 dimensional approach to look after people who knock on my clinic door.

As a Therapist, ­I have been trained in many modalities. However, I like to call myself an eclectic approach therapist with a primary inclination towards body therapy work. I am a certified wild therapist and have even begun conducting residential workshops in Pakistan.

Being a Wild Therapist, I feel we all have a wild world inside us, and our main objective in healing is to take care of the wildness while keeping the artificial measures of sustenance away from our soul. Wild nature has a wisdom and really knows the benefits of all kinds of living beings (humans, animals, insects, birds, fishes and plants of all types). To keep our nature alive and growing, all we need to do is some pruning of our interlacing thoughts and feeling with our actions. My work as a therapist is to provide that safe space for my clients to listen to their inner, deeper self and focus on their own self-care.


I am also a trained trauma therapist. I assist people to work on their trauma through their breathing, as trauma resides in the body. I encourage people to continue their regular therapy with their original therapist. However, for trauma work which cannot be resolved with language, they can also sign up for a few sessions for trauma and connect to their wild, alive self again.


I have a special, keen interest in children and adolescents, while they also feel very easy and connected with me. I provide therapy for children too. While I am not trained as a child therapist, my keen interest and a few workshops have given me an edge.


I also assist couples who are struggling to find a way to connect with each other, not necessarily romantically. To me, any two people struggling to have a healthy connection with each other are more than welcome to come to me. Parents and their children, friends, coworkers, siblings. Any 2 people who want to clear the path of connection between themselves, are more than welcome.