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"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear."
Oscar wilde
"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."
Oscar wilde
"The truth is rarely pure and never simple"
"You will learn by reading but understand with love "
shams tabrizi
"Spirit is the mirror body is the rust"
shams tabrizi
"Let silence be the art you practice"

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In-person appointments
In-person appointments
At: Integrated Health Services (IHS) Plot 18, Chohan Mansion, G 8 Markaz, Islamabad
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I have been a psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, supervisor, teacher and trainer for more than 2 decades.

I am a professor of Psychiatry and have been doing my clinics for more than 2 decades now. I believe in differentiating disorders from issues and thus, use very minimal medicines. I also use a 3 dimensional approach to look after people who knock on my clinic door.

As a Therapist, ­I have been trained in many modalities. However, I like to call myself an eclectic approach therapist with a primary inclination towards body therapy work. I am a certified wild therapist and have even begun conducting residential workshops in Pakistan.

Being a Wild Therapist, I feel we all have a wild world inside us, and our main objective in healing is to take care of the wildness while keeping the artificial measures of sustenance away from our soul. Wild nature has a wisdom and really knows the benefits of all kinds of living beings (humans, animals, insects, birds, fishes and plants of all types). To keep our nature alive and growing, all we need to do is some pruning of our interlacing thoughts and feeling with our actions. My work as a therapist is to provide that safe space for my clients to listen to their inner, deeper self and focus on their own self-care.

Dr. Shehla Alvi



My Services

I believe there is always a path for each individual to follow and heal and therapy is one of the ways to heal oneself. I repose complete trust and sincerity in each of my clients, for I believe each individual has a tendency to actualize his or her potential. If therapy is not helping then, it’s the frequency of therapist and client that doesn’t match. Therapy does work and a real therapist is the one who is real to oneself and in a constant process of deeper transformation of oneself on a subconscious level.

I usually do therapy and supervision in a conventional setting, Nevertheless, I am also open to taking my clients to open spaces and working with them in a natural environment.

I work with clients who want to work through their romantic relationships, marital relationships, or simply enrich the quality of relationships between; friends, workmates, siblings, parent and a child.

Addiction is a substitute for emotional and spiritual emptiness. It doesn’t manifest with just drugs, but rather in a host of other ways like substance abuse, gambling addiction, eating disorders, workaholism, impulsive and obsessive patterns/behaviors.  and so on. I can assist people to tackle these issues in a safe and protected environment.

I also supervise my fellow colleagues in their therapy work. Therapists can book a one off session or work with me for regular supervision of their work. I provide one to one supervision and group supervision as well.

Yoga is a way to connect the body, mind and soul through bodily movements. We do different movements (aasanas) which enable us to release our hidden fears, traumas, and troubles from our system. My teaching is not to sculpt the body, but rather to sculpt the soul into higher consciousness through the body.

Meditation is a way to connect to your soul by sitting in silence and paying our attention to our breathing. Meditation takes us into the journey of profound limitless healing and limitless enhancement of our consciousness. I provide group meditation sessions for free. Stay tuned for our next announcement on my website. 


Issues I deal in therapy


Dr. Shehla is introspective and open-minded. She is a versatile therapist and health professional who helps others to learn, teach and grow while using her experience effectively and elegantly.

Alya Mian Counselor, CPPD

Shehla is transcending the sufferings of many through her compassionate heart and journey of transformation

Aysha Sprung Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher

Shehla is intutive, personable, compassionate, soulful and playful. She helps me reach deep into my consciousness and helps me navigate my emotions and thoughts in the most arduous of times.

Bisma Bucha Eclectic therapist

Most incredible woman I have come across as a friend, colleague, intellectual and emotional guide, she is a huge beautiful tree which benefits all with each and every idea and being a role model, wish her the best and may the world make use of her unmeasurable efforts.

Dr Amber Amir

Given her varied qualifications and her commetment to therapy and personal growth has made her a very deep and diverse therapist . She walks her talk

Saima Khan Eclectic Therapist

I've been practicing as a humanistic counsellor for the past 8 years, and facilitating body based practices for 6 years. I've been struggling to integrate the two approaches within my therapy practice, and I had also been feeling stuck with a couple of clients in my practice. Dr. Shehla has guided my therapy practice towards a trauma-focused, here & now, body-based approach. I am seeing wonderful and new results in the work with all of my clients.

Alizeh valjee Therapist

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