I am a psychiatrist, counselor/psychotherapist, supervisor, teacher and trainer since the past 12 years. I have a special interest in counseling and supervision. I am associated with CPPD Pakistan, both as their registered therapist, trainer as well as supervisor. With training from Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) and PNS Shifa Hospital, I have worked with renowned and prestigious teachers and mentors.

Currently the only specialist in Addictive Behaviour in Pakistan, my approach to psychiatry is very gentle and humanistic. With an M.SC in Addictive Behavior from University of Liverpool I bring in vast experience of treating addictive behaviours with psychotropic medications as well.

I am a practicing psychiatrist since 2002 and have been teaching as well as heading the Psychiatry Department of Ziauddin Hospital.

Currently I am the head of Psychiatry Department at United Medical and Dental Hospital.

Specialist Work

As a therapist I have been trained as a humanistic and integrative counselor. I do both individual and couple work. However, I have a special interest in embodied work and body psychotherapy. I have attended multiple workshops in embodied work in UK with renowned therapist and trainers.

I have also taken residential workshops in bioenergetics with Guy Gladstone in Spain with a one year Wilderness Therapy from UK.

I currently practice at Ziauddin Hospital Clifton campus, Hill Park General Hospital and United Medical and Dental Hospital. To book an appointment, please contact me.

My Services

I believe there is always a path for each individual to follow and heal and therapy is one of the ways to heal oneself. I repose complete trust and sincerity in each of my clients for I believe each individual has a tendency to actualize his or her potential. And if therapy is not helping then it’s the frequency of therapist and client that doesn’t match. Therapy does work and real therapist is the one who is real to oneself and in a constant process of deeper transformation of oneself on subconscious level.


I usually do therapy and supervision in conventional setting nevertheless, I am also open to taking my clients to open spaces and working with them in naturist environment. I believe that nature has...

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I have more than a decade of experience of treating patients with medications. I believe in treating patients with minimum drugs and separating disorder from issues. I rely mostly on mono therapy unless...

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I work with clients who like to save their marriages or simply enrich their relationships. My special couple therapy helps to revitalize ones relationship with new tools and skills. It helps to dissolve...

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Addiction is the substitute to the emotional, spiritual emptiness. It doesn’t manifest with drugs only rather it manifests itself in a host of other ways like substance abuse, gambling addiction,...

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I have a firm belief that each individual has an inherent potential to actualize and the therapist’s work is to facilitate the process of knowing themselves. As it is a painful process, therefore,...

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I also conduct supervision sessions for Trainee Supervisors. To book singular or multiple sessions for Supervision, please Contact Me.

I also conduct Full Time Therapist and Junior Psychiatrist Programs. To book singular or multiple sessions for each, please Contact Me.



Dr. Shehla Alvi is a caring and assured professional counsellor… a highly qualified Psychiatrist and Therapeutic Counsellor… and is equipped to to manage and support clients and patients with the full range of mental health concerns. She combines professional expertise with compassion…

Jenny Sandelson, CPPD Director, Royal London Hospital

Dr. Shehla Alvi’s presence has given me an insight into my mind that I never had before. She has made me a better person professionally and otherwise. Her professional clinical attention helps her clients immensely and with therapy and psychiatry you get the best of both worlds!

— Dr. Sajjad Hussain, Memon Medical Hospital

Dr. Shehla is introspective and open-minded. She is a versatile therapist and health professional who helps others to learn, teach and grow while using her experience effectively and elegantly.

— Alya Mian, Counselor, CPPD


How can I assist you ? For a personalised session, feel free to book an appointment Work Hours: 0800 - 1800 hours ( Mon - Fri)